Keema Anderson is an experienced photographer currently residing in Columbus, Ga. Born into a military family, she constantly moved around the world, where she saw many different cultures and developed a strong desire to travel. It was this lifestyle that brought out her innate creativity and drew her to use her experiences to make art imitate life in some way.

As a child, she drew fervently, often to escape into her own world and also because it was a gift passed down to her from her father. Eventually, drawing led her to something that she became much more passionate about: photography. It was on her brother’s 4th birthday that she discovered she had an eye for taking pictures as she snapped away at her first portraits that consisted of joyful looks and heart-warming moments.

Her fondness for pictures soon became love as she eventually saved up enough money to buy herself a point and shoot camera. She never ran out of models because she could always ask her friends to stand in for her when she wanted practice for what she knew would be her career. At the age of 19, Keema’s father gave her something that would set her heart on fire: a brand new, fully-functioning dslr camera. Her career was born.

From there, Keema began to avidly work after her craft even more, teaching herself photoshop, lighting, fashion, and the intricate ends and outs of art. Since then, she hasn’t looked back and has had the opportunity to work with numerous high profile people and countless events involving Deion Sanders, Atlanta Gospel Fest, B.O.B., Summerella, and TIME, Inc. Keema takes pleasure in the art of photography and continues to evolve in her career and she is always looking for the opportunity to bring the best out of each person and event she shoots.

FB: www.facebook.com/adair.valenci

IG: valenciadair